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Reasons Why You Need to Buy Apple Airpods

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Everyone will surely love this latest technology offered by Apple.  Though it is a fact that Apple is not the pioneer in the field of smart earphone, we cannot deny that they have the power to make a device a mainstream.  Due to its increasing demand, only a handful of people were able to test the device, but all of them were pretty satisfied on the result.  Here are some of the reasons they stated on why someone will need to buy Airpod.

  1. Easy Pairing

For those who own their Bluetooth-enabled headset, they are probably aware about the pain of connecting and disconnecting their device.  With the Airpod, Apple was able to find a solution to that problem by providing it with a built-in W1 chipset.  It is utilising the standard Bluetooth, but it comes with a better efficiency and seamless connectivity.  Simply push the pairing button on the charger case, and they will be automatically paired with your device.   Another interesting feature of the Airpods is its ability to be paired with your other devices after you paired it with a single Apple device.

  1. It is Compatible with Android Device

The highlight of the Airpod goes beyond its iCloud Pairing.  It is armed with a microphone, W1 Chipset, accelerometer, small batteries and optic sensors.  All these features work in conjunction to bring an elevated user experience.  The sensor will basically detect on how the user is utilising the device.  Once you plug them into your ear, the sensor will manage to detect it, and you will get a confirmation tone that informs you about the connectivity of the gadget.  If you want to listen to the external noises, simply pull out a single ear piece and the track will automatically stop.  Put them back, and the music will instantly resume.

  1. A Crisp and Clear Quality of Sound

Most critics believe that wireless headphones can never match the quality of sound that is being created through the corded earphones.  With the Airpod, it produced a great sound quality on streaming and Mp3 audio.  Expect the same quality of sound that can be produced when you used the wired device with this Apple device.

  1. Long Battery Life

Apple Airpod comes with a tiny battery that can last for 5 hours of non-stop playing.  Furthermore, the charger case can hold a juice that will last for 24 hours which makes it a good partner for those people who love to travel.  15-minutes of charging your Airpods can give you an additional of 3 hours listening time.

Finally, you may also want to consider the reasonable price of the Airpod.  I remember paying more than $250 for my Bose headphone and it features cannot be compared with the features of this Apple gadget.  With its initial price of $159 and the amazing innovative feature of the device, this is truly a device that you need to consider.  If you have any plans on buying Airpods, do not hesitate to contact us.  You can avail this product on our online store conveniently.

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