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Buy AirPods – When you buy an Apple iPhone, you get a pair of earphones, so called EarPods, free as an accessory. These headphones have wires dangling all over the place. Imagine a pair of earbuds but without the wires. You have the Apple AirPods. The smartest wireless headphone with amazing sound quality.

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Introducing the Apple AirPods. The smartest wireless cord-free earbuds with amazing sound quality and ready to connect with all your Apple devices. When you buy an Apple iPhone, you get a pair of earbuds, so called EarPods, free as an accessory. These headphones have those wires dangling all over the place. Imagine a pair of earbuds  but without the wires –  the AirPods by Apple.


  • AirPods are compatible with all Apple devices. You can listen through them and speak into them as well.
  • AirPods are easy to operate. There are always connected. These smart earphones can sense when they are in your ear and when they are not.
  • Conversing with Siri is easy without having to touch the phone. A tap on the AirPod can bring Siri into action.
  • The sets come with a long battery life lasting more than five hours on a single charge. You get an additional charging case that enables you to charge the AirPods for 24 hours.
  • The main feature is the presence of a voice accelerometer that can sense when you talk into them. By filtering the external noise, they allow clear transmission.
  • The optical sensors allow for automatic controlling of the audio.


  • No wires dangling in front of you. These Apple AirPods are easy to use. They start functioning the moment you plug them in your ears.
  • They can connect with all Apple devices including the Apple Watch, Apple iPhone, Apple Macbook and Apple iPad.
  • You can use either of the pieces individually. Two people can simultaneously listen to your music.
  • The voice accelerator enables clear transmission of your voice over the phone.
  • Charging the AirPods on the move is easy as well using the battery charging case.
  • Conversing with Siri becomes easier and more enjoyable.

As for system requirements, note that Apple AirPods require an iCloud account, iOS 10, macOS Sierra or watchOS 3.

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Custom-designed Apple W1 chip


2 years Carry-in-Warranty


5 hours battery life
Charging case gives an extra 24 hours battery life on-the-move

5 reviews for Apple AirPods

  1. Arun

    All I can say is wow! I Like the slick design and by far the most easiest pairing experience I’ve ever had… tap .. done.

  2. Jason

    For iPhone users these are a good wireless earbuds. I mostly like the design and the thiny size. The battery is good. The audio quality is good. The only issue I experience is with the need to change song or the volume only via Siri. Cool product.

  3. Emma

    Thank you so much for this innovation! it saves me all those wires!! Great Thanks Apple!

  4. Marc

    Got mine last week and they’re really great. The best gadget of 2017…already 🙂

  5. Michelle D

    When Apple introduced the first wireless headphones, I initially had no interest. I never use earplugs that come standard with the iPhone and the time I have tried they didnt stick. I tried AirPods of a related IT friend who already got them – I tried them without any expectations and frankly they were not only just sticking in my ears, but even if I jumped around they were didn’t pop out. That’s what I like most so far – I could use them during a run.

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