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If you are a big fan of Apple mobile phones, then you must have heard of the recently launched wireless AirPods from Apple. It leaves behind the hitherto popular earphones of even the best of brands when it comes to innovation and technological advancements.

AirPods from Apple come at an attractive price of $159 and can easily be bought from In online shop, you get the best deals and you can buy Apple AirPods at best possible prices. You need not look any farther than that, indeed!

AirPods review

AirPods from Apple give you an instant wireless connection to any of your Apple devices with 5 hours of listening time on a single charge. With crystal clear sound, it’s a magical amalgamation of technology and simplicity. The super efficient Apple W1 chip does wonders for you. It connects instantly to your iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac or iPad. When you are making calls or talking to Siri, its dual beamforming microphones filter out the background noise with the help of the unique voice accelerometer. Optical sensors enable you to get a clear sound quality on incoming calls and while listening to your music.

AirPods Specifications

AirPods come to you with some truly unique features. Let us look at them.

  • Compatibility with all Apple devices – You get wireless connectivity to all your Apple devices. You can listen or speak into the devices.
  • Ease in operation – All time Bluetooth connectivity ensures that AirPods automatically start operating when you put them in your ears and stop when you take them out.
  • Battery life – A single charge of AirPods lasts for 5 hours. The charging case, with its own separate batteries, enables you to charge in multiple spells for another 24 hours’ use even when you are out. Fifteen minutes of charging gives you 3 hours of listening time.
  • Conversing with Siri – A tap on the AirPods is all that you need to connect to Siri and talk for getting connected to somebody, getting to your playlist, turning up the volume or getting help with the maps. And all this without even taking the phone out of your pocket!
  • Use by two people – AirPods can be used by two people simultaneously to listen to music.
  • Seamless switching between your Apple devices – All your Apple devices stay connected simultaneously to your AirPods and switching is seamless.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy AirPods from for $159 now and get prepared for an exhilarating experience!

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