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Apple AirPods – The Things to Consider

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Now, prior to jumping the gun to any conclusions, you should most definitely take a moment to appreciate the level of advancement that Apple has managed to introduce with their new AirPods. Every single year, we are left with the impression that the changes that Apple is making are more or less designated to throw us off and to distract us from the fact that nothing major is being accomplished. And, if it wasn’t for the AirPods, last year’s release of the iPhone 7 would have done just that. Sure, two new colours and a double camera feature for the Plus model definitely sounds okay, but is that all Apple is capable of?

Well, obviously – not. The AirPods are here, and they have taken the market with a smash. Major techs blogs are appreciating the convenience brought forward and have pointed out that buying the AirPods is actually a great investment. So what is it that they saw in these new headphones? Let’s take a look.

Flawless Technology

While they would use regular Bluetooth technology, the AirPods feel significantly next gen in comparison to all other types of Bluetooth headset. They are lighter, sleeker in design and they bring the supreme audio quality that Apple takes pride with. While certain people complained that they would constantly lose the AirPods, expectedly there are no complaints of the kind – it’s obvious that people are far more responsible. Major online influencers like WIRED noted that the AirPods are definitely comfortable and much better than other headsets.

They are Comfortable

That’s just it. Upon launching the AirPods people were concerned that they wouldn’t nest properly in the ear. However, just on the contrary and as it seems once again Apple has defied expectations. Popular reporters and tech-bloggers have posted countless of videos on the Internet demonstrating that the AirPods fit comfortably in your ears and that they don’t fall, regardless of the intensity of your movements. So, to answer the much-expected question – yes, they are the perfect solution for gym nuts and enthusiasts.

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