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Apple AirPods are the Future of Wireless Headphones

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When Apple introduced the iPhone 7, one of the most controversial features is the lack of a headphone jack. In order to use the earbuds included in the package, users need to connect it through an adapter. Another option is to buy AirPods, which is a wireless headphone designed to instantly pair up with a nearby Apple device. It is an innovative product that a lot of people state that it has revolutionised the way they listen to music.

Design of the AirPod

One thing that you will notice about the AirPods is that they look the typical Apple earbuds but without the wire. It is like someone from the company got a pair of scissors and cut off the wires from the EarPods. It might look awkward at first, but you’ll get used to it over time.

Comfort is the number factor to consider when it comes to headphones, and the AirPods are just as comfortable as the traditional wired EarPods. And because there are no wires, they are much more enjoyable to wear while running. There’s no need to adjust the AirPods while you are out for a run. And even when you use them for extended periods of time, they remain comfortable compared to most in-ear headphones.

One of the biggest advantages of the AirPods over the wired earphones from Apple is that the former can detect when they are in the ear. It will automatically pause, the music when you remove one from your ear. This will come in handy when you need to hear something in your environment.

Setting up AirPods

Another reason why you should buy AirPods is that they are easy to setup. As soon as you get them out of the box, it will connect with your iPhone right away. A small window will appear on your iPhone home screen indicating that the AirPods have successfully paired up with it. It will also show the remaining battery life of the AirPods. The instant pairing feature is what makes the AirPod stand out from other Bluetooth earphones on the market today, and what makes it worth buying.

Audio Quality

Another important factor to consider is the sound quality coming out of the AirPods. For casual listeners, the new Apple wireless earbuds provide good quality audio that’s reliable. Unless you are an audiophile who wants to hear everything in a music track, then the sound quality coming out of the Apple wireless earphones are more than satisfactory. The sound is well-balanced, with enough low tones to add depth without overdoing it.

When shopping for an earphone for your flashy new iPhone 7, be sure to consider buying AirPods. It is a wireless earphone without any compromises. With instant pairing and auto pause of music, Apple has shown us the future of wireless headphones.

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