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AirPods vs EarPods vs Iconic vs Beats 3

AirPods vs EarPods vs Iconic vs Beats 3

Apple has recently announced its wireless AirPods priced at $159. Airpods don’t come free with Apple’s iPhone 7. It’s an optional purchase.

buy apple airpods shopAirPods are powered by Apple’s ultra low power chip W1. It operates at one-third the power of conventional wireless chips. The audio quality is superb with AirPods. The battery lasts five hours of listening time on a single charge. The portable charging case has a separate battery and gives additional 24 hours of listening time with a 15 minute recharge giving 3 hours of listening time. AirPods are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

AirPods connect instantly to all your Apple devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac and iPad. They remain simultaneously connected to all the devices and the switchover is seamless. AirPods are fitted with unique voice accelerometer and its dual beam-forming microphones filter out the background noise. Its optical sensors give you a crystal clear sound quality on incoming calls and while listening to music.

AirPods connect and start operating automatically when you put them in your ears and stop on being taken out. AirPods can be used simultaneously by two people. You can connect to Siri with a tap on the AirPods for talking and getting connected to some friend, getting access to your playlist, for turning up the volume or getting help with the maps. For all this, you don’t have to even take out your mobile phone from your pocket.

Here, we review the performance of Apple’s AirPods with some of its competitors.

AirPods vs EarPods

apple airpods vs earpods EarPods are the earbuds which come as a free accessory with Apple’s iPhone 7. They don’t plug in to a traditional headphone jack. Instead, they’ll
connect to the Lightning port which you use for charging your phone. Due to this change, you can’t simultaneously charge your phone and use the EarPods. AirPods clearly score over EarPods in this respect.

Users generally believe that Apple changed its EarPods to push the industry towards wireless headphones by phasing out the headphone jack.

AirPods vs Dre PowerBeats 3 Wireless

It would not be fair to compare Apple’s AirPods with Dre PowerBeats 3 Wireless as the latter is an in-ear type headphone. AirPods fall in the earbud headphone category. Earbuds, which are small in size, sit just outside the ear canal whereas in-ear headphones have soft parts which fit inside the ear.

airpods vs beats powerbeats3AirPods are priced lower at $159 in comparison to Dre PowerBeats 3 headphones which are priced at $200. Both of the above are wireless, support Bluetooth connectivity and have noise cancelling and isolating features. While the latter has volume remote, in AirPods, one has to depend on Siri for volume control. The latter falls in sports category and is suitable for use even while exercising, Apple’s AirPods fall in the Travel and Commuting category.

AirPods vs IconX Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Gear IconX Wireless Earbuds are not a very popular choice with the users of headphones. As such, it would be safe to assume that AirPods would score higher in customer preference.


It would be safe to conclude that Apple’s AirPods score in terms of technological advancement and features over the competing products from other companies.


AirPods vs EarPods vs Iconic vs Beats 3


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