FAQ Category: Leveraging Your AirPods to the Max

Using the official AirPods Manual by Apple?

Apple’s Official product manual for Airpods will require the use of an iCloud account, macOS Sierra, iOS 10, or watchOS. Note as well that Siri is not accessible in all regions, and certain features or elements may change from territory to territory. For example, web access might be required or there might be charges to cell information.  

How to use the Airpods with Your Mac or Apple Watch

Airpods naturally interfaces with all gadgets made by Apple. When the Airpods are paired to the iPhone, they are automatically paired to the Mac and Apple Watch if they are part of the technological devices you have and instantly sound will switch between gadgets. The Mac however will need to have the new version of the macOS operating system which is called Sierra, in order for the Airpods to... 

Airpods Testing

In August 2016 Apple directed AirPods Testing which was directed at using Airpod units that were preproduced and matched programming with iPhone 7 units that were also programmed and preproduced. The playlist volume was set to only half and the testing utilized full Airpods battery release while playing music until playback was ceased by the main Airpod. It was observed that the life of the battery relies on the...