FAQ Category: Charging your AirPods

How does Charging the AirPods work?

The AirPods has a carrying case that is magnetic and operates as a charger as well. At the bottom of the case is a lightning port which can be used for charging. Apart from the AirPods having its batteries inside, the case also has batteries. Once the case is charged, the Airpods battery can be top up while you are out and about your business.    

How long does the AirPod battery last?

On a single charge, users can have five hours of listening time with your Airpods, says Apple; while the charging case gives up to about twenty-four (24hrs) hours of listening time on a single charge and that should be able to last you for the entire day. If you charge your Airpods for fifteen (15) minutes that will give users about three (3) hours of battery life. Even though... 

How to recharge your AirPods?

AirPods come equipped with a charging case and can be quickly charged in less time. Similarly, the AirPod has its battery that can last for 24 hours. Additionally, AirPods also support fast charging so when the battery is drained, just connect it to using the standard charger and charge both AirPods and charger casing. The fast charging support gives you a very short load time. Apple claims that with...