FAQ Category: Calling with AirPods

How Fantastic is the AirPod’s Microphone

The microphone in the Airpod is just fantastic which adds to the rich audio quality. The Airpad has a dual-mic setup plus its noise-cancelling tech that utilizes vibrations that are subtle when users are talking This feature makes the Airpod the best remote input devide ever made by Apple or any other techy company.  

Can I use also only one AirPod?

If you prefer to use one AirPods at a time instead of the two, you can because each AirPods is paired to the iPhone individually. I am sure users will be grateful for this improvement in a headphone, because you will be able to take your phone calls or use SIRI and still keep one of your ears free. Also it allows to have group calls with one additional... 

Can my AirPods answer a call?

Of course, These AirPods can distinguish between different sound pitches. For instance, when your voice is identified, they’ll activate both receivers. They also support noise cancellation technology, so the sound you listen will be crystal clear, canceling the noise in the background.