AirPods specs

Instantly on and automatically connected with all your Apple devices. Wireless.
>24-hr battery Charging Case and 5 hours listing time on a single charge.

The Charging Case is equipped with a Lightning to USB charging cable connector.
Audio starts directly when you put the AirPods in and stops when you take them out.
high quality audio
The audio output for music and voice is a cleaner, crisper sound with rich bass.
Microphone sensors
High Performance dual beam-forming microphones with speech-detecting accelerometer.


AirPods are the first of their kind by wirelessly connecting to your Apple devices and deliver incredible sounds for 5 hours on a single charge. The ultra efficient Apple W1 chip makes this all possible.


AirPods features

  • Charging Case
  • Pairing AirPods
  • Siri Integration
Charging and Battery Life

When you charge them fully, then you can enjoy listening to music for about 5 hours. When the battery is drained, just place them in the charging case for 15 minutes, and you will get 3 hours of entertainment. The charging case has a magnetic lid that will shut and keep the Airpods safe when charging.
Wireless Earbuds
The Airpods are wireless and fully reliable. The sound quality is clear and superior, and you will enjoy every single bit of it. When you buy this headset, you will realise that there is so much that the device has to offer. You do not need tight seals to get the best sound from Airpods. Just place them in your ears, and you will get clear and superior sound at all times.
Seamless pairing
This is the feature that is responsible for the seamless pairing of the devices. The chip works the same as Bluetooth and as soon as the earbuds are placed near devices, they will be detected, and connection will be easy. When you buy Airpods, you will realise that there is no additional setup and configuration of the settings required. You can also toggle between different devices seamlessly.
Pairing Your Airpods
With that W1 chipset, pairing your Airpod with other device should just be simple. Connecting it with the other Apple devices such as your iPad, iWatch, and Mac should be automatic due to the iCloud. When you are trying to pair it with you IPhone, simply open the case of the Airpod in front of your iPhone and tap the connect button. For those who are trying to connect it with their other iPhone, take the charging case. At the back of the case, you will see the pairing button. Pressed that button and hold it for a while you connect it with your other gadget.
Siri is Powerful and Efficient
Apple created the Siri feature to enable users give direct commands. You can command siri to receive or hang up a call, reduce or increase volume, skip track or pause, switch to your phone from watch among many other myriad of commands. You need to tap the earphones, wait for the beep to come and then begin commanding. The earbuds automatically detects noise and cancel them to make you listen to music perfectly and receive calls for efficient communication.

AirPods detect your voice when you are talking and lower music automatically so that you communicate clearly with people around you. When you take them off your ears, the music is paused until when you put them in your ears.

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